Ingredients – Milk – 3 litres, Sugar – 500g, Lemon juice – 1\2 tsp, Pure ghee – 100g, Dry fruits(thinly sliced) – for garnishing, Green elaichi powder- 1tsp.

Method – Pour the milk into a heavy – bottomed kadahi. Reduce the milk on a high flame, while stirring the milk every now and then. Meanwhile, grease a cake tin nicely with pure ghee and keep aside. Also keep a towel ready to wrap the container. 

When the milk has reduced to half, add in the lemon juice while constantly stirring. When the milk has almost dried up completely, add in sugar, but in small batches, continously stirring the mixture.This mixture would bubble a lot, so be very careful while stirring.Add in elaichi powder and keep stirring. Now add in pure ghee and cook further till the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the kadahi. Now pour down this mixture into the greased tin. Tap the container to even it on top.Garnish with sliced dry fruits. Wrap the tin in a thick towel and let it set for atleast 3-4 hours. Take it out after 3-4 hours and cut it into desired size and enjoy the perfect milk cake.